First Contact: ‘Captain’s Holiday’ Season 3 Episode 19


The crew notice that Picard is feeling stressed and so Doctor Crusher orders him to take a vacation. The Captain is reluctant because he loves to work but eventually agrees to take a trip to Risa when Troi threatens a visit from her mother. While trying to relax he gets embroiled in a plot involving an ancient artefact involving the Ferengi, some unconvincing aliens from the future, and Vash, a human woman who Picard describes as “trouble”.  There’s some walking through caves, lots of tight shorts, some digging, and a really unconvincing prop in this sub-par Indiana Jones style adventure, but a good time was had by all.

Join Andrew, Alex and James as they discuss the merits of location shooting and their problems with people who block book all their holidays.

Listen to the previous episode, ‘Allegiance’ here.

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