First Contact: ‘Booby Trap’ Season 3 Episode 6


First Contact Booby Trap

In this week’s exciting instalment of First Contact: The Next Generation Introcast, the Enterprise investigates the debris of a battle 1000 year old space battle. Picard gets a boner for an abandoned ship and so leads the away team. Meanwhile the Enterprise starts acting a little funky, losing power and not moving anywhere, almost as though they’ve been lured into a booby trap. Despite having a huge engineering team, Geordi decides the best way to solve this is to talk to himself and then simulate a woman in the holodeck – Dr Leah Brahms who designed the Enterprise’s engines. He really bonds with her like a creepy creepster creep. What a loser. But he also solves the problem and Picard pilots the ship out of some lovely model asteroids.

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Listen to the previous episode ‘The Bonding’ here

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