Film Commentary: Toy Story



We’re back for another audio commentary because YOU demanded it! Oh, you didn’t? Terribly sorry, we’ve recorded it now.

This time we focus on Toy Story, Pixar’s 1995 classic which revolutionised the way we view animation. We talk about the Disney’s Renaissance, the rise of computer generated animation, the art of great voice acting and of course eventually descend into our usual brand of lowbrow humour.

If you want the definitive Toy Story commentary, then please buy the Blu Ray…but if you want some delightful times with Andrew, Alex and James, then download The Spoilist Toy Story Audio Commentary

Remember this track is not available in the shops, but it is available on Bandcamp to download and keep forever for just £1 or to stream for absolutely nothing. What better gift could there be for someone you love…or even better, someone you hate.

Listen below but don’t forget you can find at least one other audio commentary track over on our Bandcamp site.

And if this is the first of our audio treats you’ve experienced, then why not try our Star Trek: The Next Generation podcast ‘First Contact’ here


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