Film Commentary: The Avengers


In this first ever film commentary from The Spoilist, we’re celebrating the release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron with a commentary for The Avengers. Join Andrew, Alex and James as they discuss the film, it’s place in the wider Marvel cinematic universe and what the future holds for the franchise. We also get distracted and discuss the problems with DC’s recent output, the pitfalls of franchise film making and the time James’ relative thought that Jar Jar Binks was a man sized horse.

This commentary is a special extra as a thank you to our regular readers and podcast listeners who we thank for sticking with our various projects. However, like Robert Downey Jr, bringing you all of this free output isn’t cheap. Therefore, you’ll be able to stream the commentary for free from our Bandcamp page, but if you’d like to support the site then you can make a donation on the page and in return you can download a copy to keep. Anything money raised from this goes straight back into the cost of running the website so that we can keep brining you more of these sort of projects and ever more wearying cynicism. 

You can download the commentary from our Bandcamp page here or listen directly below.

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