Electric Faces: trailer lands for Scottish sci-fi short

The first trailer has arrived for short film Electric Faces has arrived. The film, written and directed by Johnny Herbin, stars Euan Bennet as Tom, a young man troublemaker who utilises an unstable robot called Hugh (Calum MacAskill) in order to help him carry out a robbery putting a distinctive sci-fi spin on the Scottish crime drama.

As evidenced by this trailer, the film combines bold visuals as shot by cinematographer Darren Eggenschwiler with top end visual effects produced by David Reynolds, all accompanied by an original score from composer Daniel McLearnon.

The film also stars John Gaffney, George McWilliam, June Hazel, Laura Chiverton, Katie Barnett and Rasmus Kull as the voice of Hugh. Expect to see the film at festivals over the next year. 

Find out more about Electric Faces on IMBD

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