Doctor Who Series 10 trailer

Doctor Who series 10 arrives on screen at some point in 2017. The smart money would be on April, putting it in line with when the show aired back when Russell T Davies was in charge, and when it was at its ratings peak. Peter Capaldi is back for his third series as the Doctor and that’s as long as any actor has played the roll, barring drawn out exits and specials.

Capaldi finally gets a companion of his own in the form of Pearl Mackie’s Bill, who we first saw in a specially filmed scene released as an announcement. It seems that scene will be part of a bigger episode, which means that the Daleks are back due to contractual obligation. Also returning to the Tardis team is Matt Lucas as Nardole following his appearances in Christmas specials ‘The Husbands of River Song’ and ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’.

Showrunner Steven Moffat has promised this series will essentially be a reboot of the show, which usually happens when a new companion comes on board. Perhaps that means there will be an updated version of the theme tune replacing the current odd arrangement. Moffat has been in charge since Series 5 and this is his last year in charge before former Torchwood showrunner Chris Chibnall takes control. Will this new team mean a change of talent on screen as well as off? Time will tell.

Returning writers include Toby Whithouse, Mark Gatiss, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Sarah Dollard, Jamie Mathieson, Mike Bartlett and classic series scribe Rona Munro. For more details, visit the ever excellent CultBox.

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