Deadpool: First trailer for X-Men Spin-Off

Here’s the Red Band (that means it’s naughty) trailer for Deadpool. The marketing for this film so far has been rather impressive with Ryan Reynolds perfectly capturing the Merc with a Mouth although the trailer for trailer below, is possibly more fun than the actual trailer.

That said, it’s nice to see some actual movie violence which has become rare in the age where almost everything becomes PG-13/12A. Except Kick-Ass and Wanted, but this looks more fun than either of those turned out to be…or at least far more base and sometimes we need that. Many will remember that Reynolds took on the character of Wade Wilson previously in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but that film has apparently been erased from all continuity.

It remains unclear if this film will actually fit into the Fox X-Men universe, even if they are sharing some characters with Colossus set to appear although Daniel Cudmore who played the character as recently as Days of Future Past has been replaced by Andre Tricoteux. Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano and TJ Miller also star in a film directed by Tim Miller.

Deadpool is released on 12 February 2015 

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