Classic Trailer Tuesday: Toy Story (1995)


To Infinity and Beyond

This was the film that changed everything. Just one year previously in 1994, The Lion King was dominating at the box office and the future of hand drawn animation looked strong. However while it continued for a number of years, its days as a dominant force were truly numbered, and despite a small renaissance in recent years, it’s unlikely to ever return to prominence on the big screen.

That’s a shame because as this trailer shows it’s not so much about the form as it about creating strong and likable characters who speak warm witty dialogue, and telling a story with real heart. PIXAR do that better than anybody else and their dominance of the animation world is richly deserved.

Toy Story would spawn two sequels and it is perhaps the most perfect trilogy ever made. It would be nice to believe that the studio recognises that and leaves the franchise to rest. You can’t improve on perfection.



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