Classic Trailer Tuesday: The Running Man (1987)


Directed by Paul Michael Glaser (yes Starsky became a successful director) The Running Man finds Arnie at the peak of his eighties action hero powers. The film about a dystopian society, only kept satisfied by a barbaric television show where criminals are forced to run from a set of gladiators may seems ahead of its time, but the execution is completely stuck in the decade that style forgot. It seems strange that in this era of remakes, this film based on a Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman) novel hasn’t been touched when surely it is now more relevant now than it was then especially in the wake of similarly themed The Hunger Games.

The thing is, The Running Man is not a very good film, so to remake it to its potential shouldn’t reall offend an existing fanbase in the same way remaking the more iconic Total Recall which had an existing fan base. But for now we can enjoy Arnie in his sexy body hugging yellow jumpsuit.

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