Classic Trailer Tuesday: Starman (1984)


Jeff Bridges stars in this John Carpenter’s first contact movie about an alien who comes to earth after the Voyager probe reaches his planet, only to find the US government tries to shoot down his shuttle. He finds himself in Wisconsin and takes the form of a dead man after cloning himself from a lock of his hair and kidnapping his wife Jenny (Karen Allen). They go on a trip across the states while being pursued by a bloodthirsty US military, trying to reach his intended launch site in Arizona so his people can rescue him.

Watching now, you might see some parallels with The Terminator, also from 1984, with a kidnapped woman and strange visitor on the run, but this film is perhaps the more optimistic of these tales with a future involving highly intelligent aliens as opposed to an oncoming apocalypse. It’s a simple story but there’s great pleasure to be found in the performances of the alien Jeff Bridges and the grief stricken Karen Allen.

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