Classic Trailer Tuesday: Logan’s Run (1976)


Welcome to the 23rd Century

While Tom Cruise in running around a damaged Earth in Oblivion, now seems like a good time to look back on some pre-Star Wars science-fiction. This is actually a pretty raunchy trailer – “You touch a switch, you turn a dial and the perfect lover steps into your arms”. That sounds nice. Do they also deliver pizza?

A world so perfect cannot last forever and when the tiny crystal in the palm of your hand flashes, you have to run. How ironic that the man who tracks down and kills the runners has to run himself. It’s not that ironic – it’s a film, of course that’s going to happen. It’s like irony has come full circle.

This film has been mooted for a remake for a number of years with Bryan Singer attached for some time. It’s never come to fruition but it might be interesting to see how the 1976 movie could be improved upon.


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