Classic Trailer Tuesday: Groundhog Day (1993)


It’s Groundhog Day!

Okay so you pretty much get the whole plot of the film in this trailer. It features some classic trailer ingredients with the oh so amusing music and the jovial voice over man. Oh voice over man, why don’t you come and be jovial next to me? Speak your unamusing dialogue with that tone that always expects a laugh, or at the very least a wry smile.

So the ending is somewhat spoiled but really it’s a romantic comedy so the loved up ending is always the destination. This trailer misses out the best part of the journey. With a different actor in the lead and without Harold Ramis to steer him this film could have been so much less fun. Imagine another charisma vacuum playing against Andie McDowell. The universe might have been sucked in.

Bill Murray delivers a fantastic performance as weatherman Phil Connors, using his cynicism to far greater effect than the oddly lauded Scrooged.   Of course he eventually falls in love with his producer Rita after spending an eternity contemplating existence in a time loop, although why he loves her isn’t exactly ever made clear. She doesn’t really do much.

While this trailer tells the story, it doesn’t get into extreme misanthropy of the film or show the best of Bill Murray and that is surely something worth saving for theatres.

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