Classic Trailer Tuesday: Doctor Who (2005)


“Do you want to come with me?”

It doesn’t have to be a movie trailer to feature here on Classic Trailer Tuesday and in this 50th anniversary year it seems appropriate to look back at the trailer that regenerated the whole enterprise. Back in 2005 nobody really knew what to expect. Could Russell T Davies bring back who successfully? Would the show have the same feel as the original? Would they finally explain the Cartmel master plan? Actually forget that last one.

This slightly trippy trailer was the first real glimpse of the 9th Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston. He displays the intensity with a twinkle that cemented Doctor Who back into the public imagination.

Fans really get spoiled with a look at the new TARDIS interior and the console room never looked better on screen than it does in this trailer.

The teases of explosions, ghosts and Daleks and even the theme tune make it a perfect tease for those who have been anticipating the new series for 17 years.

Oh and Billie stands there at the end looking cool. What’s not to love?

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