Channel 27 News: Series XII Set Report – Episode 4


Week 4 of 6 on Series XII and the show had it’s earliest finish so far. But was that a good thing or a bad thing? Was it just that the cast remembered their lines? Did the crew remember to press both play and record on each take? Did anyone catch fire? All questions to address (maybe), but the far more pertinent question is was it any good? To find out, you can hear Alex’s thoughts and opinions from the recording in this spoiler free set report.

DISCLAIMER: This is a spoiler free set report on the recording for episode 4 of Series XII. As per our spoiler policy, it will not mention any details on plot or dialogue, and no elaborate descriptions of any sets will be provided. Only where sets or other details details have been revealed publicly by Doug, the cast or the production will any details in included in this report.

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