Loki season 1 review

July 15, 2021 The Spoilist 0

Let me start this by saying that I really liked Loki. I like the actors, I like the characters, the direction is superb, the set up is intriguing and the music is fabulous. It has


Star Trek: Picard season 1 review

March 28, 2020 The Spoilist 0

What is Star Trek: Picard? It’s hard to say. Sure, it’s a mini series about Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (retired) as he sets off on a new adventure following his enforced retirement.


The Invisible Man (2020) review

March 12, 2020 Elly Jones 0

Seeing is believing, or so they say, yet it is so often the things that we cannot see that hold the most power over us. Sometimes it is merely the thought of something frightening that