Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

Well this looks dark. Literally, there isn’t a single shot of daylight in this trailer. Superman gets shifted to second billing in the first sequel to Man of Steel and it seems the world is questioning the motives of Clark Kent’s alter ego. That seems a reasonably interesting avenue of exploration and if you’re positing what it might be like to have superheroes in the real world, then it seems perfectly plausible. Does it feel like Superman though? That’s a difficult question that would require a long essay on the nature of everyone’s favourite Kryptonian and which the conclusion would be, “I’m Zack Snyder and it’s my franchise now and I can do whatever I like.”

That’s fine, Superman has taken many forms down the years but it all just feels somewhat beyond bleak. That worked for Christopher Nolan’s Batman, and it’s the world of Gotham that seems to inform this trailer, but is that really what people want from blockbuster cinema. Ever since The Empire Strikes Back, it’s seemed every part two must bring in some darkness before the ultimate triumph in the final part of the trilogy but in this case, having had only an origin story, it might be nice to see Superman just being Superman for one movie before we all get depressed. For a teaser trailer, you don’t really feel teased. You more get a feeling of unease like someone might be standing behind you, watching you.

Anyway, this isn’t even coming out until 2016. Before that there’s a new Star Wars film. Remember how good that teaser made you feel? Watch it again then, take the fear away.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in cinemas 25 March 2016

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