Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – new trailer

It feels there’s been more build up to this film than any other…except Star Wars: The Force Awakens but other than that, this is . The one time sequel to Man of Steel slowly morphed into a team up movie and Ben Affleck’s Batman even got promoted to the leading title character and the first trailer put the focus squarely on The Dark Knight with Superman apparently set up as the antagonist.

This trailer offers more equality in the screen time for the two stars and we finally get an idea of what Kal El’s Earth alter ego of Clark Kent will be like. Henry Cavill finally puts on the glasses to demonstrate his great skills as a reporter by not knowing the identity of one of America’s most prominent businessmen. It’s also a chance to see Jesse Eisenberg’s take on super villain Lex Luthor and it appears that he’s leaving bite marks all over the scenery.

What’s more surprising is the appearance Wonder Woman in a scene which appears to be from the final act. Here, Batman and Superman are exchanging one liners like old friends. Obviously in a film with the subtitle Dawn of Justice, these two heroes are going to come together, but it somewhat removes the tension. Also the appearance of The Abomination Doomsday is slightly underwhelming as it appears that the CGI isn’t complete, which is slightly concerning given how long ago principle photography wrapped. Still, it’s important not to judge out of context and if nothing else, Zack Snyder rarely disappoints on the visuals.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in cinemas on 25 March 2016

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