Back To Earth Retrospective: Part One

‘Just had to say one last goodbye.’

Yes, as we said on our last episode, we have reached the end of this podcast. But while we’ve had episodes covering every TV episode of the show, there’s one story we’ve never covered. Until now. So for one final time, join us over the next three days for three editions of The Garbage Podcast covering Red Dwarf’s return with Back to Earth.

How did the approach to the show change after a decade off air? What effect did the rushed and limited production have on the story? And what strange abuse was shouted at the cast at the Berkley Square promo for the story?

All these deranged ramblings and more will be covered as Alex, James and Andrew debate what is the greater sign of listlessness; spending your days trying to annoy your bunk mate by ironing sneezes, or spending over a decade podcasting about Red Dwarf?