Film reviews

Film Review: The Witch

We currently live in a world where you can see a trailer for a Blumhouse paint by numbers feature – this time the haunting is Native American themed! – after a trailer for the latest James Wan flick…

TV reviews

Revolution S01E02: Chained Heat

Are you guys ready for another round of headscratching post-apocalyptic television?  This new series summary they’ve introduced at the beginning is pretty slick, we’re looking at over a minute of screentime telling us stuff we’ve already pieced together.

TV reviews

Revolution S01E01: Pilot

Revolution is a show that definitely has a pedigree most other TV networks could only dream about. We have Eric Kripke, a creator who’s had plenty of experience of writing oddball roadtrips on Supernatural (and who definitely has experience in making shows appeal to the fangirl set).