Angelo Badalamenti brings the music back to Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks returns to the small screen in 2017, 26 years after its abrupt cancellation. Showtime have been gently teasing this revival since it was first announced. Creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have taken full creative control of this revival with Lynch directing every episode. The shape of the show and the number of episodes remains unconfirmed but reports suggest that Lynch filmed one giant movie and will find the form in the editing suite.

Although Lynch is bound to have some surprises up his sleeve, much of what has been teased so far feels pleasingly familiar. One vital ingredient of the show was the music of Angelo Badalamenti who created a haunting, romantic and instantly recognisable score. The composer has been confirmed to return and here he can be seen playing one of the classic themes with an image of Laura Palmer imposed over his performance. It seems that the murdered Prom Queen will remain as important to the mysteries at the heart of the small town as ever.

Watch the classic opening titles to Twin Peaks below

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