8 droids we hope will appear in Rogue One, and 2 that tragically won’t

The trailer for Rogue One featured all sorts of nostalgic elements like the Death Star, ATATS, Mon Mothma, the USS Enterprise as well some good old fashioned Star Destroyers. We’re hoping that director Blake Edwards is thinking of the fans and includes some of the classic droids from Star Wars’ past to make this film the perfect wistful dream so that we can all pretend we’re young again and don’t regret every decision we’ve ever made in our lives, and for just one moment can pretend we have potential again. Are you ready for this?!?


rogue one bender

We love this sassy robot who was  always telling Starbuck and the gang to “bite his shiny metal ass” when they turned up on Cloud City. He didn’t turn up in The Force Awakens but his permanent extermination from the Star Wars universe would be a tragedy.


rogue one maria

Little Annakin built this robot in Fritz  Lang’s original Star Wars but she was soon causing trouble with her fine figure and sparkly looks. Here’s hoping rogue one has a more feminist friendly approach to its depiction of droids!


rogue one huey

This cute little droid looked after Yoda’s gardens on Dagobah. Would it really be too much to ask to see how this tiny automaton learned to love horticulture?


rogue one dewey

This cute little droid looked after Yoda’s gardens on Dagobah. Would it really be too much to ask to see how this tiny automaton learned to love horticulture?


rogue one louie

This cute little droid… you get the idea. Do you have any idea how hard is is to fill up these lists?


rogue one b-9

More ineffective than C3PO. Fans are flailing to get rid of this droid and his constant warning of danger to original trilogy favourite Will Robinson.


rogue one dalek

Someone call a Doctor! Because these Daleks or “Medical Droids” are hugely ineffective. They were last seen trying to save the life of Padme after she’d been diagnosed with a broken heart. These droids sure don’t understand medical science because it was clear to anyone with even a passing knowledge of human anatomy that she had severe internal bleeding.


rogue one deckard

This droid likes to pretend like he’s a human but the stilted performance is a dead giveaway. Sadly, the actor who portrayed this lovable bot hasn’t been seen nor heard of for more than two decades.

And then here are those which sadly we won’t see in the next incarnation of the Star Wars franchise…


rogue one talkie toaster

Even George Lucas can’t explain what he was doing when he came up with this annoying droid. It completely sapped the energy out of the climactic chase in Jedi by constantly asking Lando if he “wanted some toast”. Unfortunately the prop was completely destroyed in an unfortunate accident involving a lump mallet after actor Billy Dee Williams made it clear that he didn’t enjoy any grilled bread products.


rogue one r2d2

What’s this little guy even doing on the list? He wasn’t even in Star Wars but was part of George Lucas’ most iconic creation  – American Grafitti. Oops!

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