5 reasons you should visit Trek Mate

Trek Mate

When Alex, James and I began our Star Trek The Next Generation podcast, First Contact we had no idea what a lovely and friendly community podcasting was. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reaction and reviews we’ve been given and delighted with the cool people we have met through the show.

While in different sphere, another Trek podcast might be considered a rival, in podcasting we think of them as a friend, well more of a mate. So if First Contact doesn’t fulfill all your aural Star Trek needs we recommend listening to the Trek Mate podcast.

1. They really know Star Trek

The hosts at Trek Mate are treksperts. Marc, Paul and Wayne know the show inside out and discuss it with a great passion, providing fascinating commentary and some great insights. If you’re fascinated by the music of Star Trek then listen out for soundtrack geek Matt’s segments where he settles some old scores (get it?). The dedication it takes to produce a regular podcast is what has kept Star Trek alive for so long and we thank them for it.

2. There’s a big back catalogue

If you ever feel like there aren’t enough podcasts to satisfy your needs then this is the site for you. There are over 70 episodes of the main show with plenty of diverse content each episode. The show includes regular features with Trek News, Trek Tracks and trivia test Trek Off as well  as in depth analysis and interviews. There are also some cool jingles from Rick Moyer.

3. It’s a network

Perhaps a general Star Trek podcast isn’t for you because you’re really interested in getting into the minutiae of your favourite part of the franchise. Trek Mate has a number of shows to choose from. If Enterprise is your happy place then you can join Previously in the Alpha Quadrant; for all your Voyager needs visit The Delta Quadrant, and if you want to here about Trek in print the Ten Forward has a section you’ll love.

4. You can use your eyes as well as your brain

Have you ever been listening to a podcast and thought “hey I wish sometimes I could listen with my eyes”? Well this is the site for you. Not only do they host a multitude of podcasts but they have some in depth written on topics ranging from the demise of The Original Series to the latest movie-tie in game

5. The First Contact hosts have been interviewed

This might not be much of an incentive but the hosts were kind enough to welcome James and Alex onto their latest podcast to talk about First Contact and they had some kind words to say as well. So tune in for the interview and stay for the party.

You can visit Trek Mate’s website or find them on Twitter

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