Creed II: The new trailer

September 29, 2018 The Spoilist 0

Isn’t it nice to have numbers back in film titles? Creed II. It just looks right. It’s a simple and effective system and served the Rocky franchise well for its first five movies.


Dark Phoenix: The first trailer

September 27, 2018 The Spoilist 0

After some delays and reshoots, 20th Century Fox has unveiled the first trailer for Dark Phoenix. This is presumably the last film in this iteration of the franchise that began with X-Men: First Class back


Doctor Who series 11: The final trailer

September 23, 2018 The Spoilist 0

“It’s about time.” Hey, didn’t they use a similar line for the 1996 TV movie? Never mind. All that’s old becomes new again. And that’s certainly true of Doctor Who series 11. Jodie Whittaker becomes


Podcast Stars: Filibuster

September 8, 2018 The Spoilist 0

This month on Podcast Stars, we caught up with Lee Hutchison to talk all about Filibuster, a podcast he co-hosts with Dallas King that covers film, pop culture, the festival circuit, and entertainment news.