The Orville season 2 – first trailer

July 22, 2018 The Spoilist 0 The Orville season 2 trailer debuted at San Diego Comic Con ahead of the sophomore season which begins later this year on FOX. While many expected a show created by and starring Seth MacFarlane


Podcast Stars: Aye, Dead On

July 22, 2018 The Spoilist 0

This time on Podcast Stars, we caught up with Jonathan Cardwell about Aye Dead On, a Northern Irish podcast that talks at great length about nothing in particular. 


Podcast Stars: Room 404

July 1, 2018 The Spoilist 0

In this edition of Podcast Stars, we talk to Iain Hepburn about his interview show, Room 404 where consign their pop culture pet hates to the vault.