Series XII Reviews – Timewave

October 26, 2017 Alex Newsome 0

What a difference a week makes, as the fourth episode of Red Dwarf XII delivers what may well be the most solid espisode of the Dave era so far. Election epiosdes aren’t a new concept


Series XII Reviews – Siliconia

October 19, 2017 Alex Newsome 0

The second episode of Red Dwarf XII sees us finally getting the much discussed ‘the one where everyone’s Kryten’ episode of the show that Doug and the cast have been teasing for so long. For

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The X-Files season 11 trailer is out there

October 14, 2017 The Spoilist 0

https://youtu.be/IRdrt8nPyy8 The X-Files return in early 2018 with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson returning to reprise their roles for another 10 episodes. This follows the commercially if not critically successful return in 2016 which saw


Series XII Reviews – Cured

October 12, 2017 Alex Newsome 0

It may only have been a year since Series XI, but that hasn’t stopped the 12th series of Red Dwarf being any less anticipated. And with Cured now having aired on Dave following it preview

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Series XII Preview

October 2, 2017 Alex Newsome 0

While Series XII airs on tv next week on October 12th, it will start airing online from this Thursday. Crikey.  So with very little time before we all start discussing the new episodes, we’ve once again