The Garbage Podcast: Series X Reviews: Trojan

THE GARBAGE PODCAST: SERIES X REVIEWS: TROJAN With Series X of Red Dwarf now well underway, Alex, James and Andrew take an in depth look at the opening episode; Trojan.   http://media.blubrry.com/thegarbagepodcast/thespoilist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/gazpachosoup_2012-10-09T18_05_11-07_00.mp3Podcast (the-garbage-podcast): Play in

TV reviews

Revolution S01E02: Chained Heat

Are you guys ready for another round of headscratching post-apocalyptic television?  This new series summary they’ve introduced at the beginning is pretty slick, we’re looking at over a minute of screentime telling us stuff we’ve already pieced together.

TV reviews

Revolution S01E01: Pilot

Revolution is a show that definitely has a pedigree most other TV networks could only dream about. We have Eric Kripke, a creator who’s had plenty of experience of writing oddball roadtrips on Supernatural (and who definitely has experience in making shows appeal to the fangirl set).

Film reviews

Anna Karenina: Reviewed

So this is largely a geeky kind of site, but I don’t get to the cinema very often and dashed if I’m not going to plough that furrow for all it’s worth. Anna Karenina, as you know, is a 950-pager by Tolstoy about a married woman who strays from the straight/narrow and Bolshevik agrarian reform.