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Boardwalk Empire S03E02: Spaghetti and Coffee

September 27, 2012 Dave Coates 0

After a competent, scene-setting and occasionally flat-footed premiere that (quite understandably) felt the need to rearrange itself narratively and substantially change the playing field, this episode started to break new ground for the show.


Revolution S01E02: Chained Heat

September 27, 2012 Jac Thurmond 0

Are you guys ready for another round of headscratching post-apocalyptic television? ¬†This new series summary they’ve introduced at the beginning is pretty slick, we’re looking at over a minute of screentime telling us stuff we’ve already pieced together.


The Garbage Podcast: Series X Preview

September 27, 2012 Alex Newsome 0

THE GARBAGE PODCAST: SERIES X PREVIEW With the first full series of Red Dwarf in over a decade nearly upon us, Alex and James discuss Series X and talk through the upcoming episodes. There are


How I Met Your Mother S08E01: Farhampton

September 26, 2012 The Spoilist 0

So Ted drove off with everyone’s favourite season one love interest Victoria, after she decided to abandon her wedding to Klaus; Barney got engaged to Quinn; Marshall and Lily have their baby Marvin home; and the writers still can’t work out what to do with Robin.


Revolution S01E01: Pilot

September 15, 2012 Jac Thurmond 0

Revolution is a show that definitely has a pedigree most other TV networks could only dream about. We have Eric Kripke, a creator who’s had plenty of experience of writing oddball roadtrips on Supernatural¬†(and who definitely has experience in making shows appeal to the fangirl set).


Anna Karenina: Reviewed

September 15, 2012 Dave Coates 0

So this is largely a geeky kind of site, but I don’t get to the cinema very often and dashed if I’m not going to plough that furrow for all it’s worth. Anna Karenina, as you know, is a 950-pager by Tolstoy about a married woman who strays from the straight/narrow and Bolshevik agrarian reform.


Dredd 3D: Reviewed

September 12, 2012 Jac Thurmond 0

What do you know, I arrived back in the country just in time for the latest stab at adapting Judge Dredd to the big screen, this time around just called Dredd.


Doctor Who S07E01: Asylum of the Daleks

September 4, 2012 The Spoilist 0

The Doctor, Amy and Rory are acquired by the Daleks to go on a mission deemed too frightening for the metal-encased mutants. They must visit the asylum of the Daleks, a planet where those too mad to operate within Dalek society are sent.